Physical activities to help anxiety and focus

Sometimes kids just get the case of the “wiggles”. They can’t sit still or continuously fidget with their clothing, hands, or paper. All my kids go through moments where they just can’t focus on...
Almond Pate

Yummy Almond Pate – Recipe

My mother and I would always go to Karyn's Raw Food, a food place in Chicago that had a great salad bar and yummy vegan food. I'd always make a perfect salad topped with...
up close eggshell garden

Starting an Eggshell Garden

Have you tried starting seeds in eggshells? It’s a perfect afternoon activity for families, kids love it because it is part craft and part gardening and whole fun! You can actually start seeds in...
kid and dog in grass

5 Lawn and Yard Tips for Spring

It’s finally Spring! Is anyone else rejoicing? I am! But if you’re anything like myself you looked outside over the past week and noticed your yard isn’t rejoicing yet. It needs a bit of...

11 Things Moms Can’t do, Says Society.

Child number four and after 13 years of parenting it shocks me that according to society mothers aren’t allowed to: Complain (You wanted to get pregnant or who told you to have kids...
woman cleaning the kitchen

DIY Nontoxic Cleaners for Your Home

One of the most toxic things I used to do was clean my house. I know it sounds crazy but dipping my hand in bleach water and scrubbing the tub with conventional cleaning products...
girl with clock daylight savings

Surviving the Spring Forward: 4 tips to adjusting to Daylight Saving Time with Kids

Daylight Savings Time is around the corner, and that means we gain more daylight… But losing an hour of sleep, so rude. Sadly, there are no exemptions for the already-sleep-deprived: parents.  Kids definitely can make this seasonal...

Positive Affirmations for Bedtime

We've all heard about creating bedtime routines in order to help your children get to bed at night. I'm here with an idea that works in my household which benefits myself and my children....

Moving with Kids: Tips from a Pro

Since my kids were five until they were 11, we moved almost yearly because of my career, then my husband’s career. While I do NOT recommend that much moving and that many states (and...
waterfall in a state park

State Parks: Hey March, Remember Your Wallet!

The weather (hopefully) clears up this month which means it's a perfect time to head to Delaware's beautiful State Parks. But with the change in the month, it means State Parks aren't free for...