Hiding vegetables in your kid’s dinner, it’s a mom win.

I don’t always like to force my kids to eat, but I know they need to eat healthy. Call me optimistic, but a day without forcing vegetables down my preschooler’s (and honestly my preteen's...
brown faces in a heart shape

Experiencing Local Black History with Preteens

I feel like there is so much repetition during Black History Month for our children. They learn about Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Frederick Douglass and other prominent figures in African American history....

What does a mom ask for, for her birthday?

My birthday is coming up and today my 13-year-old asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I have no clue. I responded: "I want you guys to clean the whole house and not...
Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

DIY Hand Sanitizer

It's a fun and useful activity I like to do with my kids so we always have enough hand sanitizer to go around. Forget store bought hand sanitizer (or at least we do)! With...
Ashley working on the computer

It’s Launch Day!

Super excited to be launching this website today! It has been months of hard work and team building but we are here! This resource website is part of the City Moms Collective (more about them...

A Covid Purim

My kids look forward to Purim every year: hamantaschen swap, theatrical play, costumes, and carnivals at the synagogue are just some of the highlights. But like everything this year, it will very different. But...

Beating the Stay at Home Mom Blues

Let’s face it being a stay at home mom is lonely! It’s especially hard if you move to a new location, you have a husband who travels for work or is in the military....

Grocery Shopping from Home – Guide

I'm all about making life easier and my least favorite thing to do is grocery shopping to them put away the food. While I can't hire someone to put away my food, there are...
woman stuck in traffic

The Presidential Traffic Jam – A Rant

I fell like a kid welcoming new students to school. It’s great to live in the same state as the president, it’s like a badge of honor. Let me give you some background. I’m...

Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Kids

This year Valentine's Day is looking a little different for many of us. But, that doesn't mean you can't have fun and yummy activities for the whole family to enjoy. One thing my entire...