What Can You Do on Earth Day?

earth in the grass

What is Earth Day?

A 51-year celebration, Earth Day. In 1970 was the first Earth Day in the United States, in 1990 it went global. Currently, there are over 1 billion people who participate in Earth Day across 190 countries!

Earth day can mean something different to so many people, recycling, carbon footprint, climate, or a neighborhood cleanup. When I was explaining earth day to all four of the kids, with joy my daughter Skyler asked “what can we do to help?” After a Google deep dive I found a few options to offer to her that I would like to share with you, maybe you can do it with your children and neighbors too!

Ideas for Activities

  • Plant a tree; there are so many contradicting statistics about the number of trees that are cut down nearly every year – the bottom line is there are too many! Trees help absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They are homes to animals and provide shade! Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Earth Day.
  • Recycle or replace plastics with glass or cardboard, reduce your waste; maybe use our imagination to find ways to repurpose something that might end up in a landfill. Learn what your recycling fill accepts – not all recycling centers are created equal! Did you know that you are not supposed to put your recycling into trash bags?
  • Turning off the lights & turning off the water; RIGHT! When I mentioned this one to my children they grimaced at me. This is something I try to foot stomp in our home ALL THE TIME to no avail.  My husband has threatened to remove lightbulbs more than I can count!

Since talking with my children about Earth Day and what we can do to help they have been using their imagination and have been really stepping up, containers are going into the correct bin, reusing cardboard boxes to help in the garden and the best one yet they have been thoughtful with their light and water usage. All it took was a conversation and now we are helping the planet. I will continue to encourage them, hopefully, this will be something we can instill in our children for the long haul.

Virtual Events in Delaware for Earth Day

22 April 11am – Celebrate our Earth and learn how to take better care of it, listen to a story and do some activities and crafts. Join Ms. Debbie via Zoom for a special STEAM Story Time. This program’s theme is Earth Day. Hear a story, make a craft and learn something new.  Ages 3-12 with an adult caregiver. Please note, in order to participate fully in this program you must pick up a kit at Route 9 Library (details below) and you will need to supply scissors, tape and glue. Registration required; please register each child individually who will be participating. 

22 April 4pm –  We will be learning how to upcycle (or reuse) recyclables into useful garden items such as planting pots, scoops and mini-greenhouses. Activities are geared for children through Grade 5, and if in the Georgetown, DE area, they can stop by the library and pick up a Garden kit containing soil and seeds from April 5 -21. Registration for event is required as capacity is limited. Register here.


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