DIY Nontoxic Cleaners for Your Home

woman cleaning the kitchen
One of the most toxic things I used to do was clean my house. I know it sounds crazy but dipping my hand in bleach water and scrubbing the tub with conventional cleaning products wasn’t the best thing for my health. You see everything I touched, was absorbed by my body. Some products even release dangerous chemicals, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So technically I was doing more harm than good. These cleaners contain ammonia, artificial fragrances, and various other chemicals you don’t want in your body.

If you want more information about specific risks and chemicals the EWG has plenty of information

That doesn’t mean never clean again.. It means clean differently. Be careful what you buy… or make your own. It’s easy to make your own cleaning spray both for disinfectant,  glass cleaning, and even scrubs for the bathroom! All you need are some good glass containers like amber glass bottles and mason jars in which store the supplies!

Glass Cleaner 

Add the water last into the glass spray bottle (preferably an amber glass spray bottle)

All-Purpose Cleaner 

This is my everything cleaner from the bathroom to the kitchen. I LOVE IT (I also add frankincense, clove and cinnamon to mine.) I spray and wipe it down or use it in conjunction with the scrubber cleaner below.  It is important to use distilled water to ensure it is super clean and lacks minerals.

Scrubber Cleaner

You mix this in a mason jar and get a shaker top to shake it out or scoop it out with the regular mason top. Baking soda deodorizes and lemon kills the germs!


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