Tools to Create a Stronger Mindset : Meet the 5 “G’s”

journal with words new mindset
How many of us struggle with mindset and how our thoughts affect emotions and actions?  By acknowledging what we allow into our thoughts and evaluating if these thoughts are serving us and bringing joy and light into our world, we have the power to live a beautiful life.
Background on the five “G’s”
Many people ask how I went from a grieving mom after losing my son Steven from genetic disease to a successful woman years later. Let me say it was not an easy road and It has taken many years of intentional work to change my mindset from negative and self-sabotaging to positive and transformational! Over the next few weeks on Delaware Moms, I am going to share with you my five tools or gifts that have helped me move from survival mode to thriving mode.
What Can the five “G’s” Do
We will explore how these five “G’s” can assist you in overcoming the demons that warp your thoughts and turn these little monsters into amazing tools that will build your world up in phenomenal ways.  By purposefully using Gratitude, Generosity, Growth, Grit, and Grace you can become mentally stronger. As one of my mentors, Zig Ziglar states “ You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” I encourage you to use these five intrinsic gifts every day and start noticing how your mind will shift!  It will create a ripple effect of creating happier emotions and in turn, your actions will be more intentional!
So stay tuned, grab a journal for each “G” and get ready to transform your mind! You just have to start!


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