Just Move! 5 Ways to Get Active Everyday for Free!

woman working out with child
It has been over a year now of the pandemic and many women are struggling with poor self-image, lack of time to focus on their well-being, depression, anxiety and being overwhelmed just to name a few.
As a wellness studio owner that caters to women, I think one of the best ways to work through all of the above is purposeful movement!  Not surprisingly there are several health benefits in addition to better mental health. According to the CDC, movement can control weight: reduce cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders and cancer, strengthen muscles, bones and joints, improve balance and increase longevity.
 As a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and employee we lose track of ourselves! We are so busy being busy. In order to show up in our most effective ways, we must armor ourselves first!
But how do you incorporate exercise and movement when you feel torn in so many different directions?
Here are five ways you can incorporate more movement into your day that cost nothing!


  1. During your workday set your alarm every hour for 5 to 10 minutes of movement. You can walk, jump rope, skip, march squat or whatever just MOVE!
  2. Create a favorite playlist and jam out to it every day even if it is just one song. By elevating your heart rate even for 5 minutes you are doing your mind and body good!
  3. Seems obvious but look for ways to add walking into your day. Park further away when you shop, take the stairs, walk around a store longer etc. Take a walk in nature. Win win because you also get fresh air and vitamin D!
  4. Have an accountability partner and have a little friendly competition on steps and movement. Create an incentive such as a spa day together if you reach your goals.
  5. Technology and social media provide numerous classes on anything you can imagine. Go on youtube and type in a class you are interested in taking.
Reflect on how you feel when you sweat, elevate your heart rate and move! Friends, you are worth investing time into YOU to show up for life in the best ways! All you have to do is MOVE!
If you need motivation or accountability please reach out!


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