5 Lawn and Yard Tips for Spring

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It’s finally Spring! Is anyone else rejoicing? I am! But if you’re anything like myself you looked outside over the past week and noticed your yard isn’t rejoicing yet. It needs a bit of love first. But where’s the time? So rather than looking at your yard as a whole, we’ve broken it down to five tips you can do to show your lawn some love. 

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Check Your Trees

I’m not an outdoors person when it is cold, so unless something is very obvious I probably won’t notice it until spring. Therefore, it’s important that you check to make sure your trees are healthy or if you need to call someone to have them maintained or remove any dead spots the wind storms or snow caused over winter. This is something that our partner  Daniel’s Lawn and Tree LLC can help with because they know what to look for to ensure your trees are healthy and safe! They offer a variety of services to help you check your trees including landscaping maintenance and tree care in the New Castle County

Rake (again?, yes)

I used to think raking was only in the fall or only if you had trees around your home. I have learned that’s not true. Although spring raking is not as fun as raking leaves in the winter, it is very necessary. The reason? Thatch.  This is the dead (or mainly dead) turfgrass that can block the grass on top from the root system below. If this layer gets too thick then it can affect the health of your grass overall. Raking will remove the grass blades that died over the winter so it doesn’t turn to thatch. 

Check for Bald Spots

It’s a good idea to look for any bald spots in early spring (in your lawn of course). Heavy play or dogs can often cause these bald spots. But it’s important to find them early! This way you can repair the bald spots before the grass really starts to grow. This means it’ll be nice and thick by mid-spring and you’re ahead of the pack when it comes to grass. 

Treat Your Lawn

Don’t spend your time outside running from grubs as I do. I mean, ew right? Those not-so-little grubs feed on your lawn’s roots before turning into beetles flying away to make and start the process all over again. This is the time to treat your lawn for grubs, to fertilize, wipe out dandelions, clover, crabgrass and all the other things we don’t want in our lawn so by late spring, early summer we can truly enjoy our yard. I’ll be honest, this is my husband’s favorite part about spring. He loves to treat the lawn. Not me so much, I prefer to call someone and have it magically done with just a swipe of my credit card. 

Make the Kids Pull the Weeds

What are preteens for anyway? Pulling weeds, right? If you don’t have preteens or teens you can even make it a fun activity for younger kids? The last resort is to do it yourself. (oh I’m halfway joking) But seriously, get the weeds early and get them often! That way your yard and mulched areas aren’t overrun come summer and the task becomes overwhelming. 

Overall little steps here and there, whether you do them yourself or outsource (to kids, husbands, or a company), will benefit your lawn and yard, in the long run, allowing you to enjoy summer running around on a nice green lawn and healthy trees for shade on those hot summer days we are all looking forward to enjoying.  


This article is sponsored by Daniel's Lawn and Tree LLC “Whether you lack the time for proper tree care or have run into a problem that needs professional attention, we are here to help you. They offer comprehensive tree care services for residential and commercial properties throughout Northern New Castle County and surrounding areas including Wilmington, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Greenville, and Newark. Their team of professionals can provide your trees with the care they need throughout the year.”


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