A Covid Purim


My kids look forward to Purim every year: hamantaschen swap, theatrical play, costumes, and carnivals at the synagogue are just some of the highlights. But like everything this year, it will very different. But we’ve decided to bring as much of the fun of going to synagogue and enjoying Purim Covid style. Here are a few ideas from our house to yours. 

Family Hamantaschen swap:

Every member of the family can make a secret hamantaschen cookie that no one else knows about! There’s a good recipe for hamantaschen here. Each child can make their own rendition of the recipe and their choice of filling (with your help of course). This “secret” aspect allows for the fun of a traditional hamentaschen swap at synagogue because you still get some surprise flavors! 

Dress up and let the kids perform!

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t hear Esther’s story live! There are plenty of live stream Megillah readings in which you can follow along.

Or for younger kids read the story together and have the kids act out their favorite parts! What kid doesn’t like to play dress-up with their parents? 

At Home Purim Carnival

You can set up your own Purim Carnival stations around the house. Here are a few game ideas:

  • Bean bag toss
  • Ball Toss
    • Set up paper/plastic cups and have the kids toss ping pong balls in
  • Indoor mini golf
    • Turn a box upside down and cut holes in it then use ping pong balls and aim!
  • Face painting
    • You can buy a kit for a few bucks on Amazon! This one even shows you how to paint some cool ideas if you’re not artistically inclined like myself
  • Coloring pages you can print out 
  • DIY Masks out of paper plates
  • Make your own noisemaker 

We set up a Pinterest board with many more fun activities for Purim so head on over if you need inspiration! 


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