Be Present, (and Stop Waiting for “Someday.”)


Have you ever felt like you’re in a holding pattern, just hoping or waiting for “someday”? The problem is that if you’re busy waiting for someday, you won’t be present and enjoy TODAY. Here are a few things I’ve learned about the mindset of being present:

I spent YEARS waiting for “Someday.” Someday, we’ll go there. Someday, I’ll do that. Someday, this will be different. It reminds me of the song from Tangled, where Rapunzel sings, “When will my life will begin?”

stop waiting for life to begin

The first time I watched that movie, I was shocked at how much I resonated with that trapped feeling… but I’m definitely NOT being held hostage in a tower by an evil witch who wants to use my glowing-hair-superpower. 😂 I’m a normal human being. With freedom to move, be present, and live my BEST life. So I started to wonder WHY I felt like I was waiting for “Someday.” And what I learned about this over the next few years was life-changing:

Here’s how I’ve learned to Be Present (and Stop Waiting for “Someday”) :

  • Be Present in Your Thinking

    Personality typing typically lumps people into 3 different categories. Future-Oriented, Past-Oriented, and Present-Oriented. As a future-oriented thinker, my natural tendency is to dream big dreams and get excited about what’s next! If you’re a past-oriented thinker, then you might find yourself wishing for “the good old days.” And there’s NOTHING wrong with that… but it means that you need to get intentional and be present EACH and EVERY DAY.

    Are you a past or future-oriented thinker? Ground yourself in gratitude, and get really clear on what kind of life you want to experience NOW. Remember that the past was amazing, and the future can be, too… but what you do TODAY is creating your past AND your future! 
be present - stop waiting for "someday"
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  • Be Present in Your Mindset.

    My friends will probably roll their eyes if they read this… because I say this All. The. Time… (😂)  but: MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! I wasted a LOT of time feeling guilty because I thought I wasn’t content with my present circumstances. The truth is that there were a lot of mindset blocks keeping me from enjoying the beauty of everyday life. Your mindset can make or break your ability to be present and live an intentional life.

    Once you dig into your mindset, you’ll have the groundwork laid to create a more purposeful life… and it’s NOT hard! It wasn’t long before I saw that the shifts I wanted to make weren’t huge, or groundbreaking — they were simple, intentional changes. Putting down the phone to spend time with loved ones. Getting my weights out for a 20 minute workout. Your mindset can keep you feeling STUCK in your circumstances, or it can help you be present for a life you love!

If I’ve learned anything in my journey so far, it’s that you’ll be waiting for forever if you wait for “someday.”

“Someday” will never come.

But you do get TODAY. So live it well! Be present. Do it scared. Stop waiting for your life to begin, and create the life you want NOW. Go to the Zoo. Sit on a park bench. Spend time in the sunshine and fresh air. Stop telling yourself that “someday” you’ll be able to do those things, or “someday” you’ll start saving for that vacation.

I’m not telling you to spend a ton of money you don’t have. I’m not saying you need to completely change your life, buy a new house, or get a bigger car. More than anything, I hope you see that happiness can be found Right Here, RIGHT NOW.

don't wait to live your best life!But if you’re waiting for someday… you’re gonna be waiting a LONG time. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So… What kind of life do you want to create? What do you always wish you had time to be present for? How can you get 1% closer to that dream TODAY? What are you waiting for?

Start chasing wonderment — TODAY. 🌿

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