Yummy Almond Pate – Recipe

Almond Pate

My mother and I would always go to Karyn’s Raw Food, a food place in Chicago that had a great salad bar and yummy vegan food. I’d always make a perfect salad topped with almond pate and cayenne pepper. (begin mouth watering now) But I moved (and Karyn’s closed *tear*). So why not make it myself?
Especially since the in-laws gave us an awesome Ninja Chop. *does my little ninja dance* (yes I have a dance that goes to how excited I am every time I use this thing) It makes my blender feel unnecessary. I even tried to make baby food with it but I failed. I will try again and succeed this time. (but yet again, I digress)

So I soaked about a cup of almonds overnight, you only need to soak them for about two hours but I went to bed so two hours became overnight. Then its time to *hiya* ninja chop or use your food processor (there’s no fun dance associated with a food processor but if you have one let me know. In my mind it’s something like a hula hoop dance hehe).

Then you add a tablespoon on oil I used olive oil but you can use sesame oil as well. Then add a teaspoon of braggs amino acid and a few tablespoons of water to get the mixture nice and pureed. Then mix It mix it! You can also add a carrot or celery in there too but I wanted mine simple and I was hungry. It took about 5 minutes (if that). Then boom add it to a salad and top with cayenne and salad dressing… Lunch!


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