Meet Your Delaware Moms



Ashley is a Chicago-raised, self-proclaimed crunchy mom to a blended family of 7 kiddos ages ranging from baking (due June 2021) to 13. She is a former TV News Reporter and Social Media Consultant to nonprofit such as the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Ashley first visited Delaware at the request of her husband, Jacob, and the family moved to the first state in 2017. She has lived in both Newark and in Felton. Her families multiple moves due to her career and that of her husband’s prompted her to found the Delaware chapter of City Moms Blog to create a strong community for local moms!


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Alice is a mother of two beautiful kiddos, ages 7 and 3 in Kent County. She could not be prouder of the loving children they are as her goal is to raise good humans. Alice stays home most days, busy cooking, cleaning, and buying from Amazon, but she also works as a nurse part time. Alice says she might have a plant problem, but she’s ok with that. Her passion is helping people both physically and spiritually through tarot, divination, crystals, herbs, and more. She believes the universe tries to connect with us and has found a way to spread the message to the people that are open to receive the abundance the world has to offer.


Airiel is a mother of a four-year-old boy. She's an agricultural education coordinator who has studied medical herbal medicine under various herbalists. While she is from Colorado, she moved to Delaware in 2017 after spending quite a bit of time abroad in different capacities: working on organic farms in Belize, Guatemala, and Jamaica. Airiel  studied abroad in Santiago, Chile.  As a community activist,  she's focused on issues concerning BIPOC community issues.


Adrienne is a passionate early childhood Reggio-inspired teacher whose approach focuses on relationships, play, and wellness. Her blog, Dirt and Bricks, documents collaborative learning experiences with her students. She also volunteers with community groups to advocate for public policy informed by best practice and equitable access to high-quality early childhood education. She enjoys time in nature, trying new recipes, and starting (but not finishing) knitting projects. Adrienne lives in Newark with her husband and two elementary-aged daughters.


Cassandra is an educator turned Nurse Practitioner. She is the mother of three grown children (including Delaware Moms founder Ashley Rice) and grandmother as well. After a 20 year career in education in Chicago, Cassandra went back to nursing school and is now a Nurse Practitioner who also teaches clinical nursing students. She has a love for holistic medicine and encouraging health through education.


Christine is a wife and mom to 4 children ages ranging from 10-1. She moved to Wilmington from Philadelphia in 2011, and Middletown in 2018. She is currently serving her 17th year in the United States Air Force, before children she was a firefighter/EMT and since as a commander support staff. When she is not wearing her uniform, she is looking for things to do in the area with her children or spending time in the garden. She also loves baking anything that involves sourdough. She is passionate and advocate for keeping children safe and making the future a better place for generations to come.


Janay is a Traditional (Doula) in New Castle County, who has been practicing in Delaware for the past 8 years with a passion for supporting Black and Indigenous families. Being a homebirth mom of 3, she believes that many things can be solved with the proper herbal remedy and spiritual mediation. Janay is also the producer and director of an on going series Birth vs Black: Uncovering Black Infant Mortality in America where she interviews various medical professionals, advocates and mothers talking about the experience of Black infant loss.

Jessica Moyer

JJessica is a international speaker on finding purpose through pain. She empowers women to make self care choices a priority. She is the author of “Triumph Through the Tears: Finding Hope and Purpose Through loss and owner of The Ice House:Wellness + Community in Wyoming, Delaware, Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach as well as a John Maxwell Trainer/Speaker. Most importantly she is the wife to Jason Moyer and mom to four children Isobel, Blaise, Jake and her beautiful angel Steven. She is on a mission to spread her message of purpose through pain and to find light through darkness. When she is not working she enjoys traveling, exercising, supporting her community and hanging with her family and dogs.


Karen is a life coach, energy healer, and mom to four grown kids. As a retired pharmaceutical scientist, Karen spent a large portion of her life helping others to live better lives. She believes that people can benefit from a more holistic approach to improving their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Her book, Reclaiming Your Moxie: a Guide to Healing Your Sassy Self, helps people re-ignite their inner flame dimmed by life’s events. Karen lives at the beautiful beaches in Sussex County with her two dogs, Yuki and Shi Shi.


Katelyn is a wife, mom to two little girls under three, Delaware licensed real estate agent, and is involved with Drama Kids of Wilmington as a drama teacher. She was born and raised in northern Delaware and left for a few years to work with the Walt Disney World company in Orlando, FL with husband, Patrick, before returning to Bear, DE to start their family. While balancing caring for her family and nurturing her career, Katelyn’s constant pursuit of learning has led her through courses in sociology, behavioral science, elementary education, and finally paved the way for her eventual degree in marketing.


Kate Donovan is the CEO (that’s Chief Encouragement Officer!) of Chasing Wonderment, an online company teaching women how to live intentionally. She believes that life is too good to waste, and teaches women how to get un-overwhelmed so they can live their best lives — even if it’s messy and imperfect. She lives in Kent County, Delaware with her hubby, and their two kids.


Kristin is passionate about helping others create a balanced and happy, healthy life. She has four children, all girls, ranging in age from 4-16 years old, each with their own unique challenges. Kristin has explored many career paths including Marketing, Corporate Banking, Special Education Teacher, Restaurateur and Food Truck Operator to now, her dream job of Professional Health Coach. During her downtime she enjoys extreme sports such as boxing and speed skating as well as calmer activities such as yoga and meditation.


Laura is a new mom to one-year-old Xavier, and has just arrived to Delaware from Northern Virginia (a result of her partner's job transition). She is a career educator who has previously served as a school principal and public school teacher. Laura is looking forward to settling into the Delaware region and continuing the hobbies that define her, include writing, spoken word poetry and exploring the outdoors. After sharing her birth story last fall, she is committed to building community with local moms and sharing more of her lessons, curiosities and truths.


Megan is a born and raised Delawarean, residing in the Wilmington area with her husband, twin girls and their dog. She is the founder of The Loved Life, a wellness blog that has won Reader’s Choice for “Best Local Blog” two years in a row. Megan is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, mindfulness coach and Reiki practitioner who believes in living with a “gratitude first” mindset, and the connection between mind, body and soul to achieve total wellness.


Nicci Anna Kilcoyne is a seasoned mom to 7 and an experienced homesteading, homeschooling, Christian blogger and professional freelance writer. When she is not out in the garden, chasing kids, hanging out with her feathered friends or drinking coffee on the front porch, you can find her sharing on her blog, Fruitful Vine Woman at crafting words for clients through her freelance business, Inkability Writing Services.


Sister Teresa is a traditional birth worker (doula) who is committed to connecting black and indigenous women back to the roots of our customs, cultures, and traditions. As a dedicated wife, mother of 3, and newly titled grandmother, Sis. Teresa is passionate about the art of housekeeping, the science of food as it pertains to overall health, and the divinity and beauty of birth. Sis. Teresa began her journey during her teenage years being called to support family, friends, and acquaintances during the most life-changing moments.