11 Things Moms Can’t do, Says Society.


Child number four and after 13 years of parenting it shocks me that according to society mothers aren’t allowed to:

  • Complain (You wanted to get pregnant or who told you to have kids anyway?)
  • Work (Who is going to be there for the baby?)
  • Stay at Home (What will you do all day? How will you support yourself?)
  • Have a bad day (Did you think it was easy?)
  • Go Have Fun (Someone else raising your kids?)
  • Be a tired SAHM (You do nothing all day.)
  • Rest (You’re lazy!)
  • Have another baby (Isn’t that enough work?)
  • Have only one child (That kid will be lonely.)
  • Be single (Don’t you need a husband?)
  • Date (Shouldn’t you be home with your kids instead of out with some guy?)

Take the negatives out of your vocabulary especially as another mom or a significant other. Let’s support each other.

Instead, say:

How are you feeling today?

You’re a great mom.

You deserve a break.

Your happiness is important too.

Moms can do what they need to do to keep their sanity. Let’s build each other up as women.


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