Me in the Morning:  A Celebration of Alone Time 

Woman Meditating in bed with candles

I’ve been feeling drained and overworked, happy but mentally exhausted. I haven’t had any me time, so I know the next day it’s time to prioritize me and get up a bit early before everyone else awakes.

The night before, I set my alarm on the Alexa, going through to see which chime is the most peaceful and quiet. I want to wake myself up, but not anyone else. My preteens are hard sleepers but if my 4-year-old even thinks someone is awake she will pop up and declare the day begun and centered around her. So I set my alarm 30 minutes before I need to get going usually in the morning without missing out on quality sleep, because I really like my sleep. 

The morning comes and I hear my alarm. But I can’t yell “Alexa, stop” so I get up in a silent ninja style and whisper to Alexa so no one else can hear. So what do I do with that time? Here are a few of my favorite quick me time moments for the morning: 

Tea Time

I sneak into the kitchen (I have to walk past the 4-year-old’s room) and make myself some hot ginger and lemon tea. Hot Ginger water/tea in the morning on an empty stomach can truly help with digestion and gut health. Plus ginger yells wake up to my belly.

Ten Minute Yoga 

I love the YouTube videos of 10 minute yoga for the morning because it gets my body going and truly wakes me up. Plus I feel accomplished in ten minutes which is huge because honestly sometimes I don’t feel like a full yoga class. 

Ten Minute Meditation 

This time is my favorite, my meditation time is so necessary for my mental health. I have a meditation corner the kids call the “comfy corner” set up in my bedroom with incense, mediation pillows, crystals, singing bowls, and more. This way no matter which type of meditation I am in the mood to do, I have it all ready to go. Usually I start off with a positive affirmation fo reach of my children, myself and my husband then I focus on my deep breathing and clearing my mind. 

Ten Minute Self Massage 

Abhyanga is the Aryuvedic term for the self massage with warm oil on the body. First I dry rub with a soft skin brush or one of those gloves you use in the shower but completely dry. If this is your first time hearing about this you probably think I’m crazy, but dry rubbing has great benefits like exfoliation and increasing circulation, but of course you don’t want to dry brush roughly and irritate you skin. 

After I dry brush, I have an old bottle warmer that I use to warm a bottle of sesame oil and I start in my scalp rubbing the oil then move to my face in a circular motion always moving my hands upward to make sure I don’t get droopy skin faster than I should. Then I massage my arms and legs with the oil using circular strokes on my joins and straight long movements on my arms and legs. For my tummy I make sure yo follow the path of my large intestine and go clockwise to make sure I don’t disrupt my digestion.  Then I get as much as my back as I can and my feet. 

Shower and let the day begin with a renewed sense of peace and positivity. What are some of your favorite me time activities, I’d love to add more to my routine!


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