What does a mom ask for, for her birthday?


My birthday is coming up and today my 13-year-old asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I have no clue. I responded: “I want you guys to clean the whole house and not argue for a day.” She laughed and said, “No, what do you really want?”

The sad thing is, that’s what I really want. My desire is just that simple. I want a day of peace where the house is clean not by my doing and the children play on their own in another room. I want my husband to cater to my every desire and fill my cup with water like a fancy waiter noticing my glass is almost empty. I want to actually watch a Netflix show of my choosing and finish it in one sitting. The point is, I do want anything material. In the material world I am satisfied (unless they have a dishwasher that loads and unloads itself then I want that. I seriously want that.)

Having this lack of desire or want for gifts on my birthday was something that truly shocked me. Rewind 15 years ago, before my first child. My birthdays were EPIC. I would celebrate for an entire week. I’d have at least two parties with five outfit changes. My hair appointment would be so expensive and usually a different color than the year before. My birthday was magical, I wouldn’t even go to work.

Now, I’m truly happy providing magic for children. Their birthdays are celebrated with such joy on my part that my own doesn’t even matter. So yes, all I want for my birthday is peace and a clean house. And that is okay. But seriously, someone invent the dishwashing robot, I’d settle for that instead of peace as well.

My goal this year is to teach and enforce that material gifts are not the only thing a person can want. I want my kids to understand some things are better than physical gifts. While I know this will not happen in one day or over one birthday. Wish me luck.

If you have any other ideas on what I should request for my birthday since I truly believe my children are incapable of giving me peace please share those with me!


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