Precipitous birth is rude, a birth story.

newborn baby being held

Labor story warning: this has TMI in it and bodily fluids 🤷🏽‍♀️

This is a story about the precipitous birth of my son. It is not a term I like well, because of the word precipitous.

pre·cip·i·tous – (of an action) done suddenly and without careful consideration.

Can birth actually be precipitous? Yes, it was sudden but definitely much careful consideration went into my giving birth. If you’ve never experienced a less than 2-hour labor story, let me share mine with you. You may say “Oh, you’re so lucky.” But rest assured a quick delivery isn’t the best way to do things as I have now learned.

And SO It Begins

Midnight the day before my due date. Labor (unknown to me) started exactly at 12:00AM with the urge to use the restroom and the inability to stop doing so. My body was cleaning itself out so I figured labor would be in the next few days. I was already scheduled for induction in the next two days.  I got in bed uncontrollably shivering, I was FREEZING and had a mild painful contraction and once again had to get out of bed to use the restroom. I figured it was a one-off contraction and I went back to bed.

A few minutes later, while still freezing, another contraction/cramp came and I told my husband Jake, he might want to time them at this point. He did. And they were about 2.5 minutes apart. Uh oh…. but we couldn’t leave the house as I had to keep using the restroom! I know it’s a big “don’t do it” because of pushing out one end vs pushing a baby, luckily I could feel the difference. 

Off We Go

So 12:25ish we finally leave the house and arrive at the hospital at 12:45, my contractions are still 2.5 minutes apart. Luckily my doctor had it in my file that I have quick births so they rushed me to the back for intake.  I was 6cm dilated already with just the mild contractions, yay. At that point, the contractions began getting worse and more frequent. The nurses moved me to a laboring room where I decided I wanted an epidural even though my birth plan (which I was throwing out the window at that point) told Jake to tell me no when I did request it. (Yes, I know myself and I knew I’d ask). 

But I digress, so once again I had to use the restroom but they really didn’t want me to do so but I explained it had to happen. After cleaning myself off (well Jake doing that honestly because I was beginning to have horrible contractions) the nurse comes to get me and Jake from the bathroom and my water breaks. The nurses jump back like “ahhh” as it splashes around and the charge nurse yells at them “that’s why we wear shoe covers”  so I’m apologizing and also letting them know I’ll have to push soon, I can feel it. Apparently, in the next contraction, I let out a guttural yell from the ancient depths of my soul and they know it’s happening soon. 

The Race is On

So the nurses are trying to get me back to the bed. I can’t walk so they put me in the rolling lazy boy chair but I can’t sit, so I squat in the chair. And the next contraction it’s before the nurses can wheel me to the bed and I have to push. And out pops a head but his shoulder was stuck so the charge nurse (because the doctor never arrived in time, nor my epidural like where are these people?) goes in to reposition him and tells me to focus all my energy on pushing him out, no yelling just use that energy to push and by goodness I had to push even with no contraction to get the biggest baby I’ve ever had out my body. Little Jake was born 1:54 AM 6/23 at 7 pounds 8.9 ounces.

It was scary because he was losing color as his head was out without his shoulders. Unfortunately, because of that we couldn’t do delayed cord clamping but we did breastfeed and skin to skin before him having to go to NICU observation for fast breathing.

What I’ve Learned

I’ve now learned that with quick births the babies may not get the full squeeze they need to get the fluid out of their lungs and stomach, which in our case resulted in a four-hour NICU observation.



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